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11/03/12 12:49pm

I'm trying to plot a conic obtained by a dot product.

K = {Sin[t] Cos[p], Sin[t] Sin[p], Cos[t]};
oP = {x, y, 1};
noP = Assuming[Element[{t, x, y, z}, Reals], Simplify[Norm[oP]]];
nK = Assuming[Element[{t, p, x, y, z}, Reals], Simplify[Norm[K]]];
ParametricPlot[(K.oP)^2 == (Cos[a]*nK*noP)^2, {x, -14, 14}, {y, -14, 14}],
{a, Pi/16, Pi, Pi/16, ControlPlacement -> Left},
{t, 0, \[Pi], \[Pi]/256, ControlPlacement -> Left},
{p, 0, \[Pi], \[Pi]/256, ControlPlacement -> Left}]

It does draw the axes, but not the graph itself. I'm sure however the equation is good, because it can be drawn with == .
Should I change the plot?
Also, how can I have the equation shown inside the image?

[partial duplicate of 95805. - Forum Moderator]

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