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Randy Silvers
04/26/06 02:11am

I like to use Mathematica to write exams but need to conform to certain formatting guidelines. I am having trouble doing the following two formats:

1) In the header, I'd like two have two lines, one reading "Unit Code and Name" and the second line "semester 2 2006 examination"

I've tried to insert \\ as in TeX or option-return or control-return or control-option-return or command-return, ... I cannot seem to get Mathematica to create a second line within the header

2) In the text, I'd like each subsequent line to indent. For example, in this paragraph, the "in" appears below the "2)" rather than below "In" that begins the paragraph. Justifying would also justify the "2)"

In Word, one can simply view the ruler and slide either of two adjusters to independently set the indent or outdent for the first line and subsequent lines of a paragraph. I'd like this control in Mathematica.


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