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Jeff Lynch
03/31/98 06:12am

(* Note: Jeff posted this message as a reply to another (which is why there is
info from another message in this one). Since the problem is different, I
reposted this as a new message.

Forum Moderator *)

> >
> > I am using the Student version 3.0 and am trying to plot several
sets of data on
> > one plot. According to the help, if I type
<<Graphics''MultipleListPlot' I receive an error message that states
that this cannot be opened. Is this option not available in the Student
Version or is it not necessary to open the Graphics
> > prior to plotting? When I tried to use just the MultipleListPlot it
would not graph the data.
> >
> > Thanks for you assistance
> >
> ============
> Your are using the apostrophe instead of the backquote as the
separator character. Try:
> <<Graphics`MultipleListPlot`
> Forum Moderator

I encountered this problem myself. I was aware that the backquote
should be used, however it did not work. I then got a strange message
that there was a conflict with a global variable (or function, I cant
of the same name.

It was for this problem that I was searching this site.

I haven't found an answer yet, any further suggestions?

URL: ,

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Problem loading MultipleListPlot using backquotes Jeff Lynch 03/31/98 06:12am
Re: Problem loading MultipleListPlot using back... Forum Modera... 04/03/98 12:05pm
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