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05/19/06 05:52am

I have been trying to write a mathematica code that solves a bunch of equations simultaneously, in which the number of the equations is a variable. This is strictly required for my code to be flexible for any user-defined number of equations.
However, I cannot define the variable number of equations in Nsolve since using do/for loops in NSolve displays errors. Moreover I experience problems with stating the variables in NSolve within the code (at the end of the code ), again I couldn't think of a way to do it flexible, at the moment, the variables are defined up to a particular member of my array.
Below there is my code, and I wonder if there is a way to solve the problem for this case.

Attachment: nsolve.nb, URL: ,

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loops in NSolve G 05/19/06 05:52am
Re: loops in NSolve yehuda ben-s... 05/22/06 03:48am
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