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05/30/06 08:35am

Hi All,

I was hoping that I could get a little bit of help with a few problems that I have concerning mathematica. I'm very new to the program and I'm having trouble doing certain things. Two things in particular...

What I'm basically trying to do, is generate a table of approximate values of a polar function in increments of pi/12, from 0 to 2pi. Such as 2-3Cos[t] and then graph the function itself.

With the way I have gone about it, i've come across two different problems. Using the Table command I can't seem to get approximate values. I've tried using //N at the end of the line, but that only approximates the fractional part of the equation, not the Cos portion.

Table[{t, 2 - 3*Cos[t]}, {t, 0, 2pi, pi/12}]
Returns a table with the exact values rather than the approximate ones (ideally to three decimal places).

Secondly, my PolarPlot function simply won't, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I simply get a return of the equation I ask it to plot. For example:


PolarPlot[2-3 Cos[t],{t,0,2 pi}]

Without a graph of the actual function.

Also, I was wondering if there was an easier way to do these two steps? Ideally, one thing I would like to fix, is instead of the table being generated in a form that looks like ordered pairs, I was hoping for a more 'table' like appearance. With two columns and rows equal to the number of steps. Something Like

0 -1
pi/12 -.898
pi/6 -.598

And so on. This really isn't as important as the first two questions however. Just inquisitive.

Thanks in advance, any sort of help or steer in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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