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05/30/06 3:39pm

I have found that when I run several different notebooks, that variables' values "transfers" from one notebook to other. How can I prevent that? I would prefer to keep the notebook to keep "Closed values..only predefinited within the notebook is recongized variables.."...

Another one is that when I "refine" the varible..I have to redo the calculations..for example..let x =1, and then I use f[x_] = x*x and then I use g[x_] = f[x]* stuff... If I change value of x after I calculated all other functions dependent on x, I have to redo all the calculations to get valid result. Is there anyway I can create "module" of all functions into one command instead of cutting and pasting pages of code? I can't put all those code in one single function, but I could put them similar to "call" function in Fortran or perhaps set of commands to be excuted everytime I change the variables? I hope my question is clear.
Thank you.

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