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06/22/06 09:41am

I am currently writing a paper about behavioural economics and have a model setup that I would like to optimise (don't laugh about the combination :) ).
I do not know whether Mathematica can help me with variable models and i do not know whether the model is wrong from the setup, but Mathematica gives me the report that i use "nonconstant variables".
Could anyone tell me
1. Whether the optimisation of the following problem for x and z is at all possible?
2.How i could use Mathematica to solve the Minimization

(Attachment, but its only 2 lines of formula, the first part is the cost function, the following two are two constraints)

It would really really be amazingly helpful if anyone could help me, i am in a horrible timepressure and don't know what i could change that the optimisation works...
Thank you so much!

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