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06/23/06 8:41pm


i hope someone can help me to import an html file via http acccess; preferably with stripping of data to only retrieve the string surround by two specified strings.

the 5.1 update included an upgrade to the import function, allowing direct http file access, however when i try to implement this, no http or any tcp request is made from mathematica; i just get an endless 'evaluating' status. on aborting evaluation and then retyring i recieve an $Error code on trying to evaluate the function.

testhttpinput = Import["", "Text"]

to specifically extract the text between two specified strings, i am sure i saw the feature available in the help for function importstring, however i can no longer find this feature. any suggestions appreciated (i would prefer not to have to manually extract the text)

URL: ,

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how to import html via http ie 06/23/06 8:41pm
Re: how to import html via http Alvin 06/28/06 8:59pm
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