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Bob F
06/27/06 5:34pm

When I put a cell tag on a cell and then divide this cell (with CTRL-SHIFT-D), the tag is now on both cells. And then if I divide again its now on three cells, etc, etc.

Wont this cause problems when I try to refer later to this tag as it is now in multiple locations in the notebook or if I create an index? I just noticed this when I turned on "Show Cell Tags" in the Find menu and dont have enough experience with tags to know what is or is not going to work.

Is there a way to keep Mathematica from doing this when dividing cells? I'm using version 5.2



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Cell Tags and dividing cells Bob F 06/27/06 5:34pm
Re: Cell Tags and dividing cells yehuda ben-s... 06/28/06 6:33pm
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