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06/28/06 05:40am

Hi to All,

I create a package for two importantes functions of my thesis. But when I load my package, sometimes I can evaluate my functions but all the time not.

Hereby a piece of my code:

psiplusCN::usage = "psiplusCN[cn] evaluate Psi+";
psimoinsCN::usage = " psimoinsCN[cn,c]evaluate Psi-";


Off[General::spell, General::spell1, General::precw];
WorkingPrecision -> 40;

(*** ** *** Module Psi + *******)
psiplusCN[cn_] := Module[{i}, psiplus = Table[If[i == 1, 1, 0], {i, 1, cn}];

(*** ** *** Module ksi *******)
ksi[x_] := Module[{ξ, ksinum},
ksinum = FindRoot[1.0 - (x* ArcTanh[ξ])/ξ == 0.0, { ξ, 0.01}, \
WorkingPrecision -> 20];
ξ = ξ /. ksinum;
Return[ξ] ;];

(*** ** *** Module Psi - *******)
psimoinsCN[cn_, c_] := Module[{Zplus,
Zmoins, DomP, GlnP, GlnP2, Vp, Wn, delta, integpp, ...... M, A, Y, ξ},


Return[LinearSolve[M, Y]]];

When I load my package:
psimoinsCN[1, 0.8]

I get this error message:
Get::noopen, Cannot open "METHODECN.m

and this ouptput:
psimoinsCN[1, 0.8]

Please help me to load my own package and evaluate my public function psimoinsCN and psiplusCN and to get numerical values.

Thanks for all who take time to read this topic and to reply for help.


URL: htpp://,

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How to evaluate functions from own package Lian 06/28/06 05:40am
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