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07/24/06 3:33pm

Hey peoples,

I'm really hoping that someone can help me out with this, because I have been working on this for a couple days now, without making too much progress. I am currentyl trying to create a graph that plots Growth along the y-axis, and market share along the x-axis. The curve will look similar to an exponential curve but probably more like a polinomial curve to the 3rd or 4th order.

Anything < 10% MS should have a GR (growth rate) or 45% and at the other end >85%MS=3.5%GR.

I've already computed an exponential curve at y=0.57034*EXP(-2.715967*MS) and a poly curve at y=-0.4248*MS^3 + 1.143*MS^2 - 1.191*MS + 0.495 which will basically give me the results i'm looking for with those stipulations.

Now, I want to be able to have those as givens and add in a a pivot point that can be changed easily to slightly skew the graph. something like 65%MS=12%GR.

If anybody knows of a model like this that is already being used, or if someone can come up with some way of doign this, i would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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