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07/31/06 06:27am

I would like to use an Interpolating Function as a fitting function in the NonlinearFit package, since the actual function is an integral I can't do analytically and this ought to speed things up. However, I can't make this work the way I expected it to - the fitting procedure, using the interpolated function just as I would the original function, seems to enter a loop of some sort and eat up all my computer's memory. I have a vague feeling that this is related to some sorts of attributes the interpolating function may have, based on the way Mathematica seems to handle ReplaceAll commands (see plotting examples) but I can find no way to change these. I would be thrilled if anyone has some suggestions.

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NonlinearFit with an InterpolatingFunction Lee 07/31/06 06:27am
Re: NonlinearFit with an InterpolatingFunction Peter Pein 08/06/06 12:44pm
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