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Dmitri Skjorshammer
08/12/06 11:34am

I have no idea on how to convert a Mathematica notebook file(.nb) to a pdf. I use Mathematica 5.2 and I typed my text in StandardForm with font 12 and type Bold. I then used "wrap at paper width" and to organize the text, I used "my text" because I know that text should be typed in the format "text". I know that you have to convert my text from .nb to .ps(postscript) and then you use another program to convert from .ps to .pdf. However, I don't know how to convert from .nb to .ps. I have tried converting to .eps and then to .pdf using GPStill but the pdf file that is outputted doesn't recognize some symbols and squishes the text together (like this: hiIhaveaquestion). Am I using a wrong Form, should I be using Inputform? If you have any tips on how to write a text paper in Mathematica, please tell. Also, please help me to convert from .nb to .pdf. I thank you. Dmitri Skjorshammer.

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Converting nb to pdf Dmitri Skjor... 08/12/06 11:34am
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