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Shad Sharma
08/30/06 00:22am

I am trying to solve a large system of simultaneous equations in order to find a pattern in the solution so that perhaps I can find a closed form solution. When I use Solve, I get a large number of results, some of which do not apply given the assumptions. I saw another post using SolveAssum but this function does not work for me because my results are symbolic and I need to constrain both the result and the parameters in the result.

Here's the simplest case of the problem:
Solve[{f1^2 + f2^2 == x1, f1 f2 == x2}, {f1, f2}]

Now I would like to make the following assumption:
0 < x1,x2,f1,f2 < 1
(All params between 0 and 1)

I've attached a notebook file where I have the general case for the expansion of the equations.


Attachment: Khash.nb, URL:,
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