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11/07/12 3:29pm

Could someone explain the following error:
WSMSimulate::msg: [error]: The local error test cannot be satisfied because you specified a zero component in ATOL and the corresponding computed solution component is zero. Thus, a pure relative error test is impossible for this component. >>

The above error occurred after trying to execute:
x = Table[
WSMSimulate[model, {0, 10},
WSMInputFunctions -> {"u" -> fun}], {fun, {Function[t, Sin[t]],
Function[t, UnitStep[t] - UnitStep[t - 2]]}}]

Thank you

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WSMSimulate error Tatjana 11/07/12 3:29pm
Re: WSMSimulate error Forum Modera... 11/08/12 2:53pm
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