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11/07/12 5:47pm

Hi ! I'm 4th year undergraduate student, working on my project.

I'm using FindFit to fit the data and it gives me error message

FindFit::nrlnum: The function value {1.49186*10^20-9.32484*10^16 I,1.59454*10^18-2.00252*10^15 I,<<8>>,<<99>>} is not a list of real numbers with dimensions {109} at {RMSX1,aX1,nX1,mX1} = {-841.739,86.6839,-24.2917,-11.7296}.

What should i do ? I'm trying to solve it for days now.
(The value -841.739,86.6839,-24.2917,-11.7296 is not correct!)

Please Help !

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FindFit::nrlnum Error Message benz 11/07/12 5:47pm
Re: FindFit::nrlnum Error Message Peter Pein 11/10/12 11:01am
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