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Yiannis Proestos
09/19/06 09:30am


Please, I would like some help regarding a special type of list manipulation that I want to perform in Mathematica. My question comes in two parts:

Given a list of the form:

ListA={{{b,1},{a1},{a,3}},{{b,1},{a3},{a,1}},{{a,2},{a,2},{b,1}},,{{b,1},{a,2},{a,2}}, {{a,2},{b,1},{a,2}}},

where each element is rotationally invariant,

1. I want to eliminate instances that appear more than once. For example,

{{a,2},{a,2},{b,1}}, {{b,1},{a2},{a,2}} and {{a,2},{b,1},{a,2}} are rotationally the same and thus two of them must be dropped.

2. Form the final list that includes only the rotationally distinct elements, i.e.,


Thanks in advance,

P.S: I tried it by forming a "do-loop" that checks if two elements are rotationally equiv. I named it "sameclosedloops[loop1_, loop2]". The loops in this toy case where of the form

ListA[[i]]= {b[1],a[2],a[2]}, etc..

Then I formed the following functions that are trying to delete the rot. equivalent instances:

1. CompareJ[j_Integer,ListA_List]:=Cases[Table[If[sameclosedloops[ListA[[j]], ListA [[i+1]]]True,Cases[ListA,_?(# ListA [[i+1]]&)], ListA [[i+1]]],{i,j,Length[ListA]-1}],_?(#{}&)];

2. newListA[j_Integer,ListA_List]:=Join[Take[ListA,j],CompareJ[j,ListA]];

Then I tried use the last one in a recursion relation of the form:

ListB=newListA[n, newListA[n-1,newListA[... [newListA[1, ListA]]]]].

However, I have trouble telling the program to exit when the wanted ListB, which includes only the distinct elements is found. I tried by hand for a case where each element
had length 6 but it is very very time consuming. For my actual calculation I have elements that are up to length 16, and this approach seems inefficient.

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