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David File
09/30/06 11:54am

I multiply two matricies together, A*M and the result shows the multiplication in full form as A11*[M11,M12,M21,M22] A12*[M11,M12,M21,M22] A21*[M11,M12,M21,M22] A22*[M11,M12,M21,M22]
I'd like to reduce it down to [M'11,M'12,M'21,M'22] ...
How can I force the multiplication to finish itself?


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Matrix output - can't reduce David File 09/30/06 11:54am
Re: Matrix output - can't reduce Peter 10/01/06 06:34am
Re: Matrix output - can't reduce David File 10/02/06 1:08pm
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