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10/01/06 9:56pm

temp is a function of x and z,
for example:
temp = Cos[x]^2Cosh[z]Sinh[z] - 1/8 Cos[x]^3 Cosh[z]^2 Sinh[z] - 1/2 Cosh[z] Sin[x]^2 Sinh[z];

How to do TrigReduce temp in respect to x and z respectively? For example, is there any method to define a fuction,
fuc[exp_]:= ???
so that
fuc[temp] = 3/128 Cos[x] Sinh[z] - 1/128 Cos[3 x] Sinh[z] + 1/8 Sinh[2 z] + 3/8 Cos[2 x] Sinh[2 z] - 3/128 Cos[x]Sinh[3 z] - 1/128 Cos[3 x] Sinh[3 z]

Thank you very much!

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