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10/13/06 04:55am


I'm puzzled by a problem about simplification of trigonometric functions.

I want to merge the terms with the same trig functions without changing other parts.

I tried 'Simplify' or 'TrigReduce', but 'TrigReduce' fails to merge the terms and 'Simplify' would do but it also simplifies the coefficients and the variables in trig functions.

For example, I want expr (1) to be rewritten as expr (2), how could I possibly write the code?

(1): a*Sin[x]+a^2*Sin[x]+c*Sin[2x+2y]+d*Sin[2x+2y]
(2): (a+a^2)Sin[x]+(c+d)*Sin[2x+2y]

If I use 'Simplify', the result would be


both the coefficients of Sin[x] and variable of 2x+2y are simplified, which fails my request.

It's no more than a minor problem in simplification and won't affect much, but I really wish it be solved.

Thank you very much

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