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Ali Abuelmaatti
11/18/06 08:34am

Hi all,

I am trying to perform the following operation:

Let us assume I have a two-tone input to my system in the form

x = A Sin[Ω1] + A Sin[Ω2]

and our system is nonlinear so it looks like this

y = x + x2 + x3

Now to substitute x (the input) into y (the system) I use the expand function as follows

Expand [y]

Out[1]= ASin[Ω1] + A2Sin[Ω1] 2 + A3 Sin[Ω1]3 + A Sin[Ω2] + 2A2 Sin[Ω1] Sin[Ω2] + 3A3 Sin[Ω1]2 Sin[Ω2] + A2 Sin[Ω2]2 + 3A3 Sin[Ω1] Sin[Ω2]2 + A3 Sin[Ω2]3

Now that is good as it is substituted properly but this is just direct substitution and it is not what I am looking for, I want to break all the high power terms on the Sin functions so I try using simplify as follows:


Out[2]= A (Sin[Ω1] + Sin[Ω2]) (1 + A2 Sin[Ω1]2 + A Sin[Ω2] + A2 Sin[Ω2]2 + A Sin[Ω1] (1 + 2A Sin[Ω2]))

Now it looks better but unfortunately it doesn

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