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Amin Rezaee Zadeh
11/22/06 05:21am

I have almost 20 datas in form of (x,y). I want to fit a curve ( y=a+bx+ cExp[-kx] ) to these datas.
also I want to know the errors of a,b,c,k and the total regression(R^2) ....

for example I have data ={ {0,0},{1,2},{3,6}} and I want to fit them for a
equation such as " y=Log[Cosh[a*x]] "
so I want the value of parametre"a" and also its error(i.e. a=0.045+- 0.05
then error is 0.05 )
and also the regression (i.e. R=0.995 )
please ,please , tell me how I can do it ? I have seen the help browser but
i did'nt understand.

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