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Daniele Lupo
12/19/06 5:32pm

Hi to all.

I've created an object that has this form:


As you can see, this is more complicated than a simple list.

Now I want to create a function that works only with this element.

If i put

f[x_] := something

f is evaluated for everithing that's x, and

f[x_List] := something

works for every list.

I can write something that

f[{x_,y_,{{a_,b_},{c_,d_}},e_,f_}] := something

but it's not useful when f calls other functions that require the same augment, like


This is more simple than write entire pattern.

What do I must write to be sure that this function is evaluated only if x has pattern of my element? Because if f is evaluated with something that has not that pattern, I have a lot of errors that annoy me...

Thanks for answers


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