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01/03/07 11:32am

Hello to everyone!
Please help me, how can I make Mathematica to print into THE SAME cell -
I have a While loop asking to input letters, and after every input, it displays the full word in the form "*********" (depending if you got the right letter), so IN THE END it kind of looks like this

Cell1[ ******* ]
Cell2[ **LL*** ]
Cell3[ **LL*G* ]
Celln[ COLLEGE ]

How can I make this go all in the same cell after every input of letters?
Please help, I you need more info, contact me via mail or better here on forum

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Help with outputing in cells Tomislav 01/03/07 11:32am
Re: Help with outputing in cells Daniele Lupo 01/17/07 11:50am
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