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01/26/07 8:34pm

I have a plot and I cannot properly display the values on the axis. The problem is that the values on the axis are in the range of millions so i have so many numbers there one cannot understand anything from the figure even when I use only 3 ticks. I would like to have the values corresponding to the ticks on the axis engineering style i.e. 1k instead of 1000 or 1m instead of 0.001
I have tried to use the help and got into even bigger problems. I can use Ticks -> {aa, Automatic} with aa = {{10000, 10}, {20000, 20}, {60000, 60}} for example but then I need to define aa every time I create a new plot. I cannot even properly define the aa array as i got into problems when I used bb=Range[0, 100000, 1000000] to declare the values on the axis and cc=bb/100000, in an attempt to get something like aa={{bb}, {cc}} to be able to use it in the Ticks option.
So, now I have three problems:
- to display values on the axis engineering style
- to work with two arrays and create some kind of matrix or, even more simple, creating a list containing sublists formed by associating the n-th element form the first list with the n-th element of the second list
- how can i multiply an one row matrix with an one colum matrix?

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ticks on the plot engineering style roescu 01/26/07 8:34pm
Re: ticks on the plot engineering style yehuda ben-s... 01/28/07 02:16am
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