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01/29/07 06:31am

I have the following problems using Symbolize:

Canít access the Symbol

In[1]: << Utilities`Notation`;

Off[General::spell, General::spell1];

Symbolize[se];(*input with notation palette*)


The Expression s_Subscript_e is defined. But if I use:

In[2]: se//FullForm

I still get Subscipt[s,e]

Example from manual fails

In[3]: Symbolize[expr_Rule]


My Output: Subscript[MyDistribute,Rule], should be: MyDistribute_Subscript_Rule

When I use SubscriptSymbols package from Ted Ersek Kernel will crash with the error messages:

Symbolize::bsymbexs: Warning: The box structure attempting to be symbolized has a similar or identical symbol already defined, possibly overriding previously symbolized box structure.

$RecursionLimit:reclim: Recursion depth of 1024 exceeded. Mehr Ö

I hope anybody can help me.

Yours sincerely,


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Symbolize and Mathematica 5.2 Michaela 01/29/07 06:31am
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