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Michael Jorgenson
01/29/97 1:07pm

I have the Mathematica version 3.0 student version running on a win.95
platform. I'm having some difficulty getting Mathlink up & running
so that I can use it in conjunction with Excel. I've just recieved
my ''Mathlink for Excel'' package, and on page 7 of the doccumentation,
under the second paragraph of [Step 1-Install files] , it states:
''On Windows you must also move files necessary to use Mathlink to
your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. These files are MLINK16.DLL, MLINK32.DLL,
found in the Mathematica directory...'' Unfortunately I cannot find
the aforementioned files in any of the directories created when I
installed Mathematica on my hard drive. I also cannot find them on
the cd-rom. Have I overlooked their location, or are they not provided
with the 3.0 student version of Mathematica ?

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