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Britton Kerin
01/23/97 00:20am

I'm running Linux 2.0.27 and having the following small problems:
1. The Motif Front End looks bad. It looks like it is trying to look
like Netscape does but isn't making it. It is all dark poorly shadowed
gray tones and the pallet buttons are crosshatched. I think this is
probably a resource issue and was wondering if anyone knew what resources
to try and what the format for init.m might be. Is there an example
file anywhere? I didn't see one in the docs. 2. I run fvwm, and when
the Front End straddles a verticle pair of virtual screens, scrolling
down results in 'chopping' of the display. The new area displayed
is all white. The whole thing is there if you change virtual screens
to get down to it. 3. The sound example files do not play. Are they
perhaps .wav files included by mistake, or are they in some universal
format? My /dev/audio works correctly for everything else I know of.
Any information on any of these things would be greatly appreciated.

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