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Daniel Richman
02/25/07 11:52pm

With no change of settings by me, my Mathematica has starting giving an error when I try to enter expressions like fractions or exponents with the keyboard (ctrl+slash, ctrl+^, for example). The error is:
"You cannot insert an inline cell into this cell because the option AllowInlineCells is set to False."

If I attempt to enter those expressions with buttons on the Basic Input palette, I get things like this:
Where those question marks are, I can place the numerator and denominator quantities (they're the Mathematica "boxes"), for the fraction expression, for example.

So I have check my settings, and contrary to the error message, my AllowInlineCells is set to true.

Has anyone seen this irrational problem before? Thank you,
--Daniel Richman

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AllowInlineCells glitch Daniel Richman 02/25/07 11:52pm
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