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02/27/07 1:46pm

I have saved assignment work on the College server in MSWord and Excel December 2006. This month (February) I have saved an assignment in Mathematica 5.0 in College.

For my assignments using MSWord and Excel, I have been able to access, through the Internet, from my home computer, my file storage area on the College server, make changes and save work done at home. I can submit my assignments from home.

When I open the internet, from home, my filestorage on the college server, all my files are listed. But I cannot open the file saved in college in Mathematica (my other files on the server open).

I got around this blockage by opening Mathematica first and then going to My Network Places, from which I could enter my filestorage area on the college server. My assignment, saved in Mathematica on the server while I was working at college, then opened at home.

This was good. However, I was not permitted by Mathematica to save, over the Internet, my new home work, to the server at College.

I just bought the Student (version 5.2) of Mathematica end of last week (23/2/2007). It is said the versions 5.0 and 5.2 are compatible.

I would appreciate a solution to this problem so that my work at home can be saved to the college server over the Internet.



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accessing info on college server Eamon 02/27/07 1:46pm
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