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11/22/12 3:20pm


I am trying to perform a sum over a certain function, here written, where my summing intervals are parametric: I have nP occupation numers Subscript[n, j], my sum has to sum my expression over a certain interval for the first l occupation numbers and over another interval for the other (np-l) occupation numbers. Any help over this is much appreciated. The function has the occupation numbers as variables.

The problem is enclosed. And as one can test for several values of the testing function DoMySumPartition, it does not work

DoMySumPartition[l_, i_, np_,
nP_] := (myexp = Product[ztot[j, Subscript[n, j]], {j, 1, nP}]*
Sum[Subscript[n, j], {j, 1, nP}] - np];
For[s = 1, s <= i, s++,
myexp = Sum[myexp, {Subscript[n, s], 0, l }]];
For[s = i + 1, s <= nP, s++,
myexp = Sum[myexp, {Subscript[n, s], 0, np - l}]];

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Parametrically varying summation intervals Salvo 11/22/12 3:20pm
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