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Bryan B
01/30/98 6:28pm

Hi I have a 133 Pentium PC Importers computer with 32Meg RAM a SoundBlasterAWE32 a 6x CD-rom, Diamond Stealth 64 video card and Windows 95. I included part of the MSD report and reports that I made with Nortons Crash Guard for ref.

    Every now and then my programs crash. Sometimes they crash after running for a few seconds sometimes after running for hours. I think these crashes are due to a wrong BIOS setting or bad hardware but I'm not sure. Each time they crash they give the crash address of 0180:XXXXXXXX in Dos or 0137:XXXXXXXX in windows(the XXXXXXXX is usually a number between 00200000 and 00600000) I switched my memory chips around because I thought maybe I had some bad ram but the number did not change. I have also moved my video, Modem, and sound cards around but that did not help(maybe gave me a few more errors to deal with.) I have reinstalled windows 95 and the programs I have the most problems with to no avail. I have tried many different BIOS settings(it runs AMI BIOS) but I cannot fix the problem or change the numbers in the crash address. These errors still happen if I use a boot disk, press F8 at startup, exit to DOS no matter what.
   I don't have an IRQ problem or a DMA conflict(I did have some conflicts but those are fixed now.) I get these crashes most often when running a game like Duke Nukem or Shadow Warrior, Descent 2, ect(programs using the GW dos thing and lots of graphics.) as you will see below these crashes effect other programs as well(such as Internet explorer, MS Office, ect.) I have tried to solve this problem for a very long time trying many different things using many different programs but I can't figure it out. I have talked to tech support at PC Importers a couple of time but it is like talking computer with my grandmother.I have tried updated display drivers, using different display display drivers, defragmenting my hard drive, installing SciTech's Display Doctor. This is not a problem with Directx drivers or with TSR programs. Even if anyone can at least tell me a little bit about the address and what it might be used by I might be able to fix this. Thank you

This is what the screen looks like after a crash if I boot to the command prompt(pressing F8) or in DOS mode and run Shadow Warrior or Duke Nukem

DOS/4GW Professional error (2001): exception 06h (invalid opcode) at 180:00215DC1
TSF32: prev_tsf32 6B18
SS 188 DS 188 ES 188 FS 0 GS 20
ESI 1 EDI C0 EBP 366AB4 ESP 46D218
CS:IP 180:00215DC1 ID 06 COD 10 FLG 10246
CS= 180, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF9B
SS= 188, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
DS= 188, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
ES= 188, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
FS= 0, USE16, byte granular, limit 0, base 16, acc 0
GS= 20, USE16, byte granular, limit FFFF, base 19CD0, acc 93
CR0: PG:0 ET:1 TS:0 EM:0 MP:0 PE:1 CR2: 10D84000 CR3: 158000
Crash address (unrelocated) = 1:00058DC1

This is some of my system information as reported by the MSD Program

Microsoft Diagnostics version 2.13 10/07/97 8:43pm Page 1

------------------------------ Computer -------------------------------
Computer Name: American Megatrends
BIOS Manufacturer: American Megatrends
BIOS Version:
BIOS Category: IBM PC/AT
BIOS ID Bytes: FC 01 00
BIOS Date: 10/10/94
Processor: Pentium(TM)
Math Coprocessor: Internal
Keyboard: Enhanced
Bus Type: ISA/AT/Classic Bus
DMA Controller: Yes
Cascaded IRQ2: Yes
BIOS Data Segment: None
------------------------------- Memory --------------------------------
Legend: Available '' '' RAM ''##'' ROM ''RR'' Possibly Available ''..''
EMS Page Frame ''PP'' Used UMBs ''UU'' Free UMBs ''FF''
1024K FC00 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FFFF Conventional Memory
960K F000 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR F3FF 563632 bytes
E800 EBFF Extended Memory
E400 E7FF Total: 15360K
896K E000 E3FF
DC00 DFFF XMS Information
D800 DBFF XMS Version: 3.00
D400 D7FF Driver Version: 3.5f
832K D000 D3FF A20 Address Line: Enabled
CC00 CFFF High Memory Area: In use
C800 CBFF Available: 15292K
C400 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR C7FF Largest Free Block: 15292K
768K C000 RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR C3FF Available SXMS: 15292K
BC00 ################ BFFF Largest Free SXMS: 15292K
B800 ################ BBFF
B400 B7FF
704K B000 B3FF
A400 A7FF
640K A000 A3FF

------------------------------- Video ---------------------------------

Video Adapter Type: VGA
Manufacturer: Diamond
Display Type: VGA Color
Video Mode: 3
Number of Columns: 80
Number of Rows: 25
Video BIOS Version: Stealth 64 DRAM Vers. 2.09 (c) Diamond Multimed
Video BIOS Date: 10/31/95
VESA Support Installed: Yes
VESA Version: 1.02
VESA OEM Name: S3 Incorporated. Vision864
Secondary Adapter: None

------------------------------- Mouse ---------------------------------

Mouse Hardware: Serial Mouse
Driver Manufacturer: Microsoft
DOS Driver Type: Serial Mouse
Driver File Type: .COM File
DOS Driver Version: 8.20
Mouse IRQ: 4
Mouse COM Port: COM1:
Mouse COM Port Address: 03F8H
Number of Mouse Buttons: 2
Horizontal Sensitivity: 50
Mouse to Cursor Ratio: 1 : 1
Vertical Sensitivity: 50
Mouse to Cursor Ratio: 1 : 1
Threshold Speed: 50
Mouse Language: English

---------------------------- Disk Drives ------------------------------

Drive Type Free Space Total Size
----- ------------------------------------ ---------- ----------
A: Floppy Drive, 3.5'' 1.44M
80 Cylinders, 2 Heads
512 Bytes/Sector, 18 Sectors/Track
C: Fixed Disk, CMOS Type 47 546M 1545M
785 Cylinders, 64 Heads
512 Bytes/Sector, 63 Sectors/Track
D: CD-ROM Drive
MSCDEX Version 2.25 Installed

----------------------------- LPT Ports -------------------------------

Port On Paper I/O Time
Port Address Line Out Error Out Busy ACK
----- ------- ---- ----- ----- ---- ---- ---
LPT1: 0378H Yes No Yes No No No
LPT2: - - - - - - -
LPT3: - - - - - - -

------------------------ Windows Information --------------------------

Windows version: 4.00
Windows mode: Not Active
Windows Directory: C:\WINDOWS
System Directory: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

Filename Size Date Time
---------------------------- --------------- -------- -----
MSMOUSE.VXD 15804 7/11/95 9:50

----------------------------- IRQ Status ------------------------------

IRQ Address Description Detected Handled By
--- --------- ---------------- ------------------ ----------------
0 060C:001F Timer Click Yes Default Handlers
1 060C:0028 Keyboard Yes Default Handlers
2 060C:003A Second 8259A Yes Default Handlers
3 060C:0052 COM2: COM4: COM2: Default Handlers
4 09A2:3C56 COM1: COM3: COM1: COM3: Serial MMOUSE.COM
5 060C:0082 LPT2: No Default Handlers
6 060C:009A Floppy Disk Yes Default Handlers
7 0070:0465 LPT1: Yes System Area
8 060C:0035 Real-Time Clock Yes Default Handlers
9 F000:EC36 Redirected IRQ2 Yes BIOS
10 060C:00B2 (Reserved) Default Handlers
11 060C:00CA (Reserved) Default Handlers
12 060C:00E2 (Reserved) Default Handlers
13 F000:EC3F Math Coprocessor Yes BIOS
14 060C:00FA Fixed Disk Yes Default Handlers
15 060C:0112 (Reserved) Default Handlers

---------------------------- TSR Programs -----------------------------

Program Name Address Size Command Line Parameters
------------------ ------- ------ --------------------------------
System Data 0227 19008
VIDE-CDD 0229 5024 MSCD001
HIMEM 0364 1152 XMSXXXX0
0494 544 Block Device
04B7 304 Block Device
File Handles 04CB 1488
FCBS 0529 256
BUFFERS 053A 512
Directories 055B 2816
Default Handlers 060C 3072
System Code 06CC 64
=C:\WIND 06D3 272 \
WINDOWS 06E5 3328 \
??? 07B6 272 /D:MSCD001 /V
COMMAND.COM 07C8 5712 /D:MSCD001 /V
??? 092E 1424 /D:MSCD001 /V
Free Memory 0988 96
MOUSE.COM 098F 272
MOUSE.COM 09A1 16640
??? 0DB2 304
MSCDEX 0DC6 28016 /D:MSCD001 /V
??? 15F8 1424
MSD.EXE 1652 272
MSD.EXE 1664 335024
MSD.EXE 6830 8192
MSD.EXE 6A31 10032
MSD.EXE 6CA5 6032
Free Memory 6E1F 149024
System Area 9282 55248

--------------------------- Device Drivers ----------------------------

Device Filename Units Header Attributes
------------ -------- ----- --------- ----------------
NUL 00C9:0048 1............1..
Block Device 3 0207:004E ....1...11....1.
SETVERXX SETVER 0460:0000 1...............
IFS$HLP$ IFSHLP 03AD:0000 11.1............
XMSXXXX0 HIMEM 0364:0000 1.1.............
MSCD001 VIDE-CDD 0229:0000 11..1...........
Block Device DBLSPACE 5 0206:0000 .11.1....1....1.
CON 0070:0016 1..........1..11
AUX 0070:0028 1...............
PRN 0070:003A 1.1.....11......
CLOCK$ 0070:004C 1...........1...
Block Device 3 0070:005E ....1...11....1.
COM1 0070:006A 1...............
LPT1 0070:007C 1.1.....11......
LPT2 0070:008E 1.1.....11......
LPT3 0070:00A0 1.1.....11......
CONFIG$ 0070:012D 11..............
COM2 0070:00B8 1...............
COM3 0070:00CA 1...............
COM4 0070:00DC 1...............

---------------- ROM BIOS F000 65536 ------------------

F000:8000 AMIBIOS W 05 11 10/10/94(C)1994 American Megatrends Inc., All
Rights Reserved
F000:8050 (C)1994 American Megatrends Inc.,
F000:8100 AMIBIOS (C)1994 American Megatrends Inc.,
F000:E0CB (C)1985-1994,American Megatrends Inc.,All Rights Reserved,6145
F Northbelt Parkway,GA-30071,USA.(404)-263-8181.
F000:DDA2 Invalid compressed BIOS
Press any key to continue
F000:FF59 (C)1994AMI,404-263-8181

---------------- Video ROM BIOS C000 32768 ------------------

C000:0045 Stealth 64 DRAM Vers. 2.09 (c) Diamond Multimedia Systems, In
c. MB display memory installed10/31/9510/31/95
C000:001E IBM VGA Compatible BIOS.

These are reports that I saved with Nortons crash guard program mabye they will help.

IEXPLORE.EXE caused fault #c0000005 in MSJAVA.DLL at address 0137:7c001d41

To date, 2 fatal errors have been recorded in this program. This particular error was recorded 2 times.
Reported By:
CrashGuard v2.0.1
Report Date:
10/7/97 4:49:33 PM
BIOS Setup Information Guide - AT&T WorldNet Service - Internet Explorer
Last Message:
MSG(''BIOS Setup Information Guide - AT&T WorldNet Service - Internet Explorer'', 0402, 031FFD80, 00000000)
(09/16/96 16:38 - 38400)
EAX=018cff80 CS=0137
EIP=7c001d41 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=012a1000 SS=013f
ESP=0063db3c EBP=018cfed4
ECX=03204264 DS=013f
ESI=018cfed0 FS=2c67
EDX=018cfed8 ES=013f
EDI=018cff80 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 1c 3e 8d 14 3e 83 e3 fc 3b ca 75 46 03 fb a8
Stack dump:
018cfed4 00000008 00475c60 012a1000 7c019fed 018cfed4 0063dbdc 0049ba50 00498220 00000001 00000001 01295c00 01295800 7c00b203 00000001 02e61e94
IEXPLORE.EXE caused fault #c0000005 in KERNEL32.DLL at address 0137:bff9a07c
To date, 3 fatal errors have been recorded in this program. This particular error was recorded 3 times.

Reported By:
CrashGuard v2.0.1
Report Date:
10/7/97 5:00:12 PM
Last Message:
MSG(00000000, 0000, 00000000, 00000000)
(09/16/96 16:38 - 38400)
EAX=018cfb2c CS=0137
EIP=bff9a07c EFLGS=00000246
EBX=7c04d080 SS=013f
ESP=018cfb28 EBP=018cfb7c
ECX=7c04d0a0 DS=013f
ESI=00000000 FS=0e8f
EDX=00498a1c ES=013f
EDI=00498a1c GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:
5e 8b e5 5d c2 10 00 64 a1 00 00 00 00 55 8b ec

Stack dump:
7c04d084 c0000005 00000000 00000000 bff9a07c 00000000 bff7986d 815604f8 00498a1c 00000030 00016bb0 0041004c 00410000 bff86d03 bff86d08 018cfb48
SCHDPL32.EXE caused fault #c000001d in (Unknown) at address 0137:00000017

To date, 1 fatal errors have been recorded in this program. This particular error was recorded 1 times.
Reported By:
CrashGuard v2.0.1
Report Date:
10/2/97 2:44:14 PM
Bryan - Microsoft Schedule+
Last Message:
MSG(000009E8, 0202, 00000000, 00120015)
(03/20/96 04:00 - 93696)
EAX=8155ba08 CS=0137
EIP=00000017 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=0066c1b8 SS=013f
ESP=0062edd8 EBP=0062efac
ECX=008d0430 DS=013f
ESI=0065f4ac FS=0d3f
EDX=81a9e02c ES=013f
EDI=00670490 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f0 7a ea 00 f0 22 ea 00 f0 00 00 fa 05 28 00 78
Stack dump:
0062eddc 6c22250e 0066e8c0 6c29cd5e 0066e8c0 0065f4ac 0062efd0 00670848 6c29e4f9 004004c0 0068d5f4 0068ac74 20776f4e 6e697270 676e6974 67617020
FLYING WINDOWS.SCR caused fault #c0000005 in FLYING WINDOWS.SCR at address 0137:004010d6
To date, 1 fatal errors have been recorded in this program. This particular error was recorded 1 times.
Reported By:
CrashGuard v2.0.1
Report Date:
10/6/97 3:39:29 PM
Screen Saver
Last Message:
MSG(''Screen Saver'', 0113, 00000001, 00000000)
(07/11/95 13:50 - 14336)
EAX=005103a4 CS=0137
EIP=004010d6 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=0000019a SS=013f
ESP=0063fae8 EBP=004012d6
ECX=00510234 DS=013f
ESI=000009fe FS=2847
EDX=005102ec ES=013f
EDI=00000034 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
08 53 8b 3d ec 41 40 00 ff d7 8b f0 0f b7 45 18
Stack dump:
000009fe 00000197 00000056 0000000a 00000000 0063fbd8 00000113 0063fc22 00000000 c17e0002 00060000 174f2c18 bff715d6 00000137 0063fb28 0000013f

Here are some crashes caught in the Fault log file by Tweak UI:

Date 10/02/1997 Time 14:44
SCHDPL32 caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000001.
EAX=4ccdbad0 CS=0137 EIP=00000001 EFLGS=00010292
EBX=0066c1b8 SS=013f ESP=00634ff8 EBP=0062efac
ECX=008d0430 DS=013f ESI=0065f4ac FS=0d3f
EDX=81a9e02c ES=013f EDI=00670490 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
01 00 00 00 04 70 00 16 00 78 cb 65 04 70 00 65
Stack dump:

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