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Guy Parsey
03/12/07 12:39pm

Hello Everyone,
I am new to Mathematica, and I have run into a dilema. I need to model one aspect of a science project, and I have no idea how to do it. I am making the equivalent of an Archimedes "Death Ray" (though we are using it for energy gathering rather than simply to burn stuff). How would I go about a) modeling multiple 3 dimensional circular ellipsoids all with the same focal point (I can get the equations), b) isolate a certain range of z values such that the product would be several walls all potentially focusing light to the same focal point, while remaining within the same plane? c) exporting this as a graphic so that I can display it on a website. As a bonus would it be possible to model rays coming in perpendicular to the plane the 'walls' are lying in, and then watch them reflect into the same focal point?
Thank you very much for your time, any help would be extremely beneficial. A quick response is also well appreciated.
Sincerely, Guy Parsey

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