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Chien-Wen Chen
03/22/07 11:17am

I found that when I used InequalityPlot3D, usually there would be something missing in the plot. Here a simple example: A cube

In[1]:= << Graphics`InequalityGraphics`
In[2]:= InequalityPlot3D[1 > x > -1 ∧ 1 > y > -1 ∧ 1 > z > -1, {x}, {y}, {z}, AxesLabel -> {x, y, z}]

We can see that only the bottom and the top are showon but the four sides are missing.

Does anyone experience this kind of problem too? Anything we can do about it?

I know there is other way to plot this cube, but what I really need is to use this command for more complicated ones.


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