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e r
03/24/07 09:42am


usually when i type code into a notebook there is automatic indentation. for example if i type the incomplete piece code


the character [ should show as blue to indicate that a closing ] is missing, and 2*x should be preceded by a tab but none of this happens.

Also, using the TMJ palette, clicking a button for a particular style does not have any effect except a beep.

Having said this, if i do close with ] and evaluate the expression, it does return a value, in this case 2. So really it's a layout problem.

i'm not sure what i did but i'd be very thankful if you could tell me how to fix this problem.



note, I am using:

suse linux 10.0
mathematica for students 5.0

URL: ,

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indentation/notebood editor failures e r 03/24/07 09:42am
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