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03/31/07 2:37pm

i made a markov model for a maintenance system with two treshold values and 3 types of maintenance actions. the first state is P(0,0).

i write all my states in the form of P(0,0), then availability(A) function and i want to find the mean time between inspections(let's say x) which max availability (like dA/dx).

i derivated my function in mathematica but i don't know how to find optimal x without giving any numerical values to other constraits (threshold values, mean duration of maintenance activities, mean duration of inspectionand x). i also want to plot dA/dx graph..

is any one able to help me...

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markov&availability omur 03/31/07 2:37pm
Re: markov&availability yehuda ben-s... 04/04/07 2:03pm
markov&availability - mathematica model omur 04/05/07 05:04am
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