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Denis Benoit
01/28/97 10:26pm

Hi, I'm just new to Matematica v. 3.0 For Windows, I use it on NT
4.0. I loaded the Graphics Package with: << Graphics`Graphics` Then
I tried to do some polar plots and I did not get a Plot. I tried a
few of the other graphics from this package and they worked as expected.
The outpout of the PolarPlot was: In[21]:= PolarPlot[ Cos[t], {t,0,2
Pi}] Out[21]= PolarPlot[Cos[t],{t,0,2 \[Pi]}] I then tried to do a
PlotVectorField, and I got the same results as Joelle Ferguson: no
plot. I tried to investigate the problem, I found the source of the
PolarPlot function and I found that the problem may be linked to the
Transpose function. I tried to evaluate the Transpose example from
the Built-in functions help file and I received an error: In[39]:=
Transpose[{{1,2},{3,4}}] Syntax::''sntxi'': ''Incomplete expression;
more input is needed.\!\(\''\''\)'' Transpose[{{1,2},{3,4}}] Is this
a bug or am I missing something? Thank you very much, Denis Benoit

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