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Sean Das
11/29/12 11:31am

Hello everyone. This will be my first post on here, so bear with me.

I am trying to use Import and ListPlot to produce an image of a spectrum I need. It is not cooperating though. I have included screenshots of what the plot looks like in Excel ("good plot") and what Mathematica displays ("bad plot"). Am I somehow using the Import command incorrectly? I should also point out that I have tried saving the data in several formats (xls, xlsx, txt, text-tab delimited, comma delimited, csv, etc) and none are giving me what I expect. This is especially annoying since I've used this exact procedure to produce nice plots in the past on my copy of Mathematica at home. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Good plot:

Bad plot:

URL: ,

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Import command not giving expected results Sean Das 11/29/12 11:31am
Re: Import command not giving expected results Bill Simpson 11/29/12 3:58pm
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