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12/01/12 12:42pm

Technical Support has received reports from customers seeing the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" when running Mathematica 9.0.

If you encountered this problem, continue reading.
If you plan to install Mathematica 9.0 on Windows, please read the caution in

We have a utility program for correcting the font problem that leads to these crashes.

See for how to download the utility and instructions for what to do if this utility does not correct the crash. (The utility _has_ fixed the problem in all the cases we know about.)

To resolve this issue:

- Download the restoremathfonts.exe executable and save it to a convenient place.

- Close all applications programs running on the computer.

- Right-click restoremathfonts.exe and select "Run as administrator."

After it completes,

- Restart your computer.

Mathematica should run normally now. If you continue to see problems, please contact us

My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

If you know how to obtain this information, we would appreciate the make and model of the video card and video driver on your computer. This can be sent to

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