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04/21/07 10:17am

I've just started with math, so I apologize in advance if my question is too trivial.

Given a polynomial equation in one variable, I asked Mathematica for its numerical roots by NSolve operator.
I'd like to plot corresponding zeroes in a straithforward way, is it possible?

The strategy I've tried to pursue can be summerized as follows:

rr = z_Complex -> {Re[z], Im[z]};

At this step, what I get for is a table having the following structure:
list={{a,b},{c,d},e,....} ---a,b,c,d,e being real, where of course "{a,b}" and "e" have replaced corresponding zeroes a+ib and e ---
Now, in order to use the well-known ListPlot command I need to transform e-like quantities in a the corresponding pair {e,0} , could you help me?
ps. why doesn't "rr" work for real numbers as well??

Thanks a lot


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