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04/27/07 07:30am

Hi... I was trying to program some neural network... but calculations is too slow :-(. One iteration process takes about one minute and I need about 100 thousend iterations :-(.

Only language with I was working was pascal :), so programming approach is typicly procedural and maybe it is problem... what is interesting, that whole these time consumption is taken just by one short For-cycle... I was trying to supply it by Map and pure function, but speed was not better :-(.
In attachment is notebook with whole code... evalution of whole nb should take something about one minute... number of iterations is set to 1.

After defining of parametrs of neural network, and some functions main For cycle is starting (over i). These For-cycle represent learning process... in this For-cycle is another For-cycle (over j)... it is about 7 lines... and that is the problem... After time debuging I will reprogram it without so many For-cycle and useless commands.

Thanks a lot, for your help or whaterver idea how to do it faster...

PS... I did this... all integer was transfer to Real, one function was compile... maybe should help compile module which is in code...

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