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12/06/12 02:59am

I found a Wolfram link (*) on how to reduce quintics to Bring-Jerrard normal form, problem is I don't understand how to use it? First of all I can hardly see the variables written in the text, and second, I don't understand what the text is explaining:

BringJerrardTransform[p_==0,y,z]:= etc. What does this do, does it define BJT? It doesn't seem to be already defined in Mathematica, since BJT[] does not turn into black text, but remains blue. I'm also confused by the points, semi-colons, spaces, new rows etc, for example:

BJT[]:=Module[{...},psi[t_]:=Expand[5 t]/. etc.

Are all the new rows necessary? Should there be space between {...}, and psi? Should I write Expand[5 t] or Expand[5t]? What is /.? (the point doesn't seem to be a smudge on my screen...)

Also, I'm not sure if I can use BJT on a general quintic at once, or if I have to define PrincipalTransform first?

Thank you in advance for any help!


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