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Ziggy Q Kotchetkov
12/08/12 01:25am


I'm currently using Solve to get the roots of very large numbers of high-degree polynomials. My goal is to use ArrayPlot to get a hi-res image.

My problem: Solve outputs the roots of a polynomial in the form:
{x->1, x->2, x->3, ...}

But ArrayPlot will only plot the points if I have it in the form:
{1, 2, 3,...}

What is the best way of getting Solve to output it in the second format? Or failing that, what is the best way to go back over the data in the first format and delete the "x->" part of each root?


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Formatting the output of Solve Ziggy Q Kotc... 12/08/12 01:25am
Re: Formatting the output of Solve jf 12/08/12 12:47pm
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