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05/28/07 10:52pm

I'm taking a calculus and Mathematica course and the courseware has pre-written code in the lessons. It seems that every time that the code involves combining one arrow with another arrow or with a function using the "Show" command, I get a gcomb error. I'm new to using Mathematica so I don't really know how to troubleshoot this myself. Here's a specific example, and if someone could walk me through how to fix this one, it should also tell me how to solve all of my other problems as well. This example involves graphing a level curve and one of the gradient vectors for a function. Thanks in advance.


gradf[x_,y_]={D[f[x,y], x],D[f[x,y], y]}

levelcurve=ContourPlot[f[x,y],{x,0,3},{y,1,4}, Contours->{f[1.5,2]}, ContourShading->False, DisplayFunction->Identity;

gradient=Arrow[gradf[1.5,2], Tail->point, VectorColor->Red];

Show[levelcurve, gradient, PlotRange->All, AspectRatio->Automatic, AxesLabel->{"x","y"}, DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction];

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Problem Combining Plots Kevin 05/28/07 10:52pm
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