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David Higgins
06/15/07 7:48pm

Hi all,

The last time I touched math was 30 years ago in high school so please bare with me!

My research work requires that I observe the brightness of an asteroid at non uniform periods, apply a magnitude correction between sets of observations to vertically align them then attempt to find a period (plot of data is sinosoidal). There are several tools - DFT, DCDFT and CLEANest that can present power/frequency spectrums to find the period and I have yet to fully understand the concepts (I have papers) and I also have code snippets if worse comes to worse and I can't figure it out.
Now that was, I think, the easy part (but help would be most welcome). Next comes generating a mean phased plot then for each point in the original data, take the delta magnitude from the mean phased plot to generate a second data set to do a further period search (for a binary partner).
I've only just purchased Mathematica and it's my first time used and I am slowly getting to understand it's notation but all my previous experience has been simple VB programming.

Advice/direction/samples most welcome.



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Lightcurve Period Analysis for Binary Objects David Higgins 06/15/07 7:48pm
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