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06/21/07 3:23pm

I have an output from a piece of equipment that is formatted as follows:

acq_tip_pos_x 128      
acq_tip_pos_y 128      
lb tip pos x 25      
lb tip pos y 230      
BiasAppliedTo 0      
data 2000      
4.09E+03   -5.23E+02   
4.08E+03   -5.15E+02   
4.07E+03   -5.13E+02   
4.06E+03   -5.23E+02   
4.05E+03   -5.14E+02   
4.04E+03   -5.14E+02   
4.04E+03   -5.22E+02   
4.03E+03   -5.13E+02   

I was wondering how I would read in the data but only keep the numbers. I also need the numbers to be read into a list for curve fitting.

Not sure if this matters but the file is over 23000 lines long.


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