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07/31/07 12:58pm

Dear all,

I would like some help with the following problem. I have a set of simultaneous equations which I am struggling to simplify:

X == 0.78*A+0.77*B+0.18*Gt+0.09*Xt+0.79*Tt
G == 0.11*A+0.12*B+0.02*Gt+0.01*Xt+0.09*Tt
T == 0.11*A-0.11*B+0.20*Gt+0.10*Xt+0.89*Tt
A == 0.69*At-0.31*B-0.4*Gt+0.30*Xt-0.31*T
B == 0.51*A-0.60*Gt+0.50*Xt-0.51*T

I would like to solve this system for the same lhs variables, but eliminate A, B, and T from the right side (since they are endogenous). The variables with a small 't' are exogenous (so they're ok there).

I have tried the commands SOLVE, REDUCE, and SIMPLIFY, but I could not get it working. Would you be able to tell me how to do this?


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