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Bill Wilburn
07/31/07 3:50pm


I'm using Mathemathica 5.2 on a Windows XP PC.

Please help me with the following code.

The following code renders a 3D angel figure. I'm trying to get the yellow color without mesh in "hallo" to show up in the final plot,. So far, in the fourth plot it comes out as I want it to, but when it's plotted using show,

Show[{head,body,wings,hallo,arms},ImageSize-> 6 72,

I don't get the yellow color, just a color that's automatically plotted. It does, however, give me a surface without the mesh, which is what I want.

So, my question is: how do I get the "hallo" in the last plot, the one using "Show," to plot the "hallo" that's yellow? (And without mesh.)



Here's the code I'm using: (Please see the attached Mathematica 5.2 file.)

Attachment: Angel Plot_5.2 file.nb, URL: ,
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