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08/23/07 1:00pm


I'm just getting started with Mathematica 6 and I was trying to solve a few simple differential equations to get used to it. So I asked it to solve the classic y''(x)+ w^2 y(x) = 0. Probably everyone here knows that the answer was
y(x) = C[1]Cos(w x) + C[2]Sin(w x)

I was trying to get Mathematica to transform that equation in one that looks like y(x) = A Cos (w t + :cph:) and give me A and :cph: in terms of C[1] and C[2], but I can't find anywhere how to do so in the documentation. I'm sure it's there, but I tried to look for it, and no luck. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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Transforming equations jpjandrade 08/23/07 1:00pm
Re: Transforming equations Peter Pein 09/05/07 8:08pm
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