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08/24/07 2:26pm

Okay, so, I have one txt file of coordinates and another txt file of their respective velocities. And I'm wanting to plot the vector at each of those coordinates. I'm getting it to work manually by using:

ListVectorFieldPlot3D[{{{2370.1584, 1682.0043, 900.133}, {60.433712,
93.56889, 45.94293}}, {{2359.365, 1607.4807,
910.3619}, {-89.39282, 68.313995, 122.6366}}, {{2231.5999,
1651.548, 780.47845}, {-113.56087,
58.24475, -40.933258}}, {{2715.3704, 2701.59,
2553.7988}, {177.61717, -159.99034, 64.254715}}},
VectorHeads -> True, Axes -> True]

But there are 122532 and I'm not about to enter them all by hand, ha ha... I've figured out that

v1 = ReadList["cooBarss3.txt", Number, RecordLists -> True];
v2 = ReadList["VelocitiesSS3.txt", Number, RecordLists -> True];
v3 = Riffle[v1, v2];

will get me {coordinate},{vector} like I want, but I can't just feed that into ListVectorFieldPlot3D b/c the syntax ends up wrong. I need it to be {{coord},{vector}}... make sense? So... basically, is there a way to plot a list of coordinates and vectors without me having to enter them all in one by one? :(

Thank you so much for the help!!

PS--I'm using Mathematica 6.

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